Ethereum Casino

Ethereum: the Notion


Ethereum is an open software platform based on Blockchain technology that allows developers to create and deploy decentralized applications. Many blockchain-based cryptocurrency projects have limited program code and provide the user with access to a strict set of operations. The creators of Ethereum set themselves more ambitious goals and launched a blockchain with expanded, improved functionality. The development team will make Blockchain technology more accessible and expand its practical application. Before starting the broadcast, developers had to create a new blockchain for each application.

Now, on the same platform, they can run thousands of different programs, regardless of the programming language in which they are written. Thus, the creation of applications based on the blockchain has become many times easier and more accessible to users without experience in the technical field. Ethereum quickly gained popularity due to the wide capabilities of its blockchain, the size of which is constantly increasing after the increase in the amount of data on the network. Ethereum is now the main blockchain, on the basis of which smart contracts are created and implemented, as well as startups that use the principle of collective financing to attract investments are launched.

All computers, members of the Ethereum network, including online casinos, are integrated into a single whole and are a distributed virtual machine that performs the actions laid down in smart contracts. The air made it possible to implement thousands of projects within one platform, without the need to create a new blockchain for each application.

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Free Spins in Terms of Ethereum


Free spins in ethereum casinos are the most common type of bonuses. The ability to spin the reels without replenishing the balance is the best opportunity to test your luck, and maybe win feat money. Almost all ETH casinos have promotions with giveaways, but now only a few sites offer them. The cost of free spins is determined by the ethereum gambling operator. As a rule, online ETH casinos offer such bonuses at the lowest rates per line per spin. It is extremely rare to find offers in which the size of the spin will be more than 0,5 ETH. Players who can use Ethereum Free Spins:


  • For newbies. Provided after activation of the account and are part of the advertising campaign. This is one of the most common no deposit bonuses for users who have just created on the resource;

  • For existing customers. Issued by the administration as part of promotions to increase loyalty. They are credited to the account of those who have already replenished the balance. Some institutions give no-deposit gifts in the form of free spins in honor of the user's birthday.


You can often find gifts in the form of no deposit free spins for existing players for certain actions:


  • Installing a mobile online casino application on your phone;

  • Attracting a friend through a special link;

  • Writing reviews about casinos on forums, blogs, etc.


Ethereum Gambling Devices


  • Ethereum Blackjack - most ETH casinos offer their customers to play blackjack online for free and without registration. You should also know your chances of winning and ways to increase them. For example, if you play ETH blackjack with one deck of cards, the casino profit percentage is 0.04%. If the casino offers to play with 2 decks of cards, then its advantage will be 0.42%. Every ETH casino receives the highest percentage of profit when the game is designed for 8 decks of cards. If this is your first time playing blackjack, first try your hand at the free demo version that almost all internet casinos offer. There are a lot of variations of Ethereum Blackjack, but the most popular are American and European species. Both options are not too different. In European blackjack, at the very beginning of the game, the dealer receives a 1-well open card. The American game implies that the dealer will have one open card and one hidden (face up). The dealer has the right to open the second card, if its face value, in his opinion, promises him a win. If the dealer opened the card at the very beginning and received 21 points, this is in the hands of the player, since with the continuation of the game the bets could be doubled or divided, which increases the amount of loss. There is also a Spanish version. With such a game, from 4 to 6 decks can be used, each of which consists of 48 cards. The main goal of a mobile ETH blackjack is to collect more points than the dealer has, but the total score should not exceed 21. In order to start the game, several decks are mixed and dealt two cards;

  • Ethereum Dice - is actually simple, but for a novice player it may seem too complicated. A field with a lot of betting boxes, game markers, a dealer picking up a player’s bet, even if a given number has fallen, can all be confusing. Several people can play ETH dice at the same time. The game takes place on the side table, where the lead player rolls dice (a couple of small dice). The lead player is usually called the shooter. The result of the roll is the sum of the numbers on the upper faces of both dice, which is 2 -12 points. Ethereum Dice has two stages: the first Come Out Roll, which indicates the number of points and the second - Point Roll, when all throws are made, after the designation of the number Point.

Before the start of the round, bets are placed on getting the Pass Line winnings and on losing, called Don’t Pass Line. Bets are made for the throw of the leading player. Other types of bets are allowed in the game. In the casino, players can learn how to play ETH dice online and gain valuable experience by preparing themselves to play in a real casino. In an online casino, the game is also played for money. The rules for playing dice in ETH casino are no different from playing in a regular casino, even the terms and bets are the same. Players roll dice by pressing a button. And during the cryptogame, players have the opportunity to communicate;

  • Ethereum Lottery - is considered one of the types of promotion in online casinos. Each Ethereum Lottery has many prizes that not only allow you to get money into your account, but also quickly adapt to earnings. It is often used by large networks to keep players active. After all, the more often these offers pass, the more likely it is that the user will earn additional crypto money for the game wallet or improvements for stable earnings. Depending on the choice of online ETH casino, the terms and conditions of the lotteries may change. Therefore, if you really want to win and get the most out of spending time on the site, then do not pass by such offers. To become a member of the ETH lottery, you just need to replenish the game balance by a certain amount multiple of one ticket.

The system of rewarding active players in the hall includes not only the lottery itself, but also other offers. For example, promotions, sweepstakes and bonus mini-rounds built into slot machines. Therefore, the more active the player on the site, the more opportunities he has to receive free money. However, you should not focus on them, since they do not allow a person to earn stable income without the practice itself;

  • Ethereum Poker - is a game that is undoubtedly a leader among online card games. Online poker has a multi-million army of fans around the world, that's why game manufacturers and gaming venues strive to keep up with the times and implement support for modern payment methods, including games for bitcoin or ethereum cryptocurrencies. An important difference between poker and other gambling card games is that the rival is not the institution, but other players. The casino itself receives only take - a special fee that can be paid at the beginning of the tournament or during the distribution. This significantly distinguishes poker and eliminates any interest of the institution in a dishonest game. In general, all that is needed is to collect one of several winning combinations. In this case, the combination of the winner in the distribution should be stronger than that of other players. Depending on the type of game selected, adjustments may be made. In total, there are eight key varieties with considerable differences in the rules. Each Ethereum Poker variety has its own special rules, which are worth exploring in detail before starting the game. If you played classic poker only, there may be difficulties for a while. However, soon, you will get used to the features of a particular variety;

  • Ethereum Roulette - there are a lot of online ETH roulettes. They all work on a single principle - for a fee (bid), the visitor can try to win a prize. The nature of the prizes differs depending on the orientation of the resource, as well as the size of the bets. In the role of rewards are not only cash prizes, but also various items, for example, for computer games. There are classic Ethereum Roulette of various kinds, without the zero sector and completely different from the classics. There are a number of roulettes on the Internet that are more similar in style to the Wheel of Fortune. This is especially true for those sites that offer to receive items for games.

First of all, you need to decide what exactly you want. What betting size do you like more, will you play for ethereum or bitcoin. Then it is worth considering the possibility of receiving bonuses, as they can be very useful at the start. Since any player subconsciously wants to earn money, it is worth immediately clarifying all the nuances associated with the withdrawal of funds. The easiest way is to get all the information from player reviews. There you will find real numbers and a very honest impression of the selected resource;

  • Ethereum Slots - are primitive, playing them is simple. First you need to replenish your ETH wallet, after which the required bet size and the number of lines are selected, and then, after pressing the “Spin” button, the reels start spinning, then they stop, and the user sees whether this scrolling was successful or not. In order for Ethereum Slots not to bankrupt you, you should not play without first learning the rules. And it is better to start with free spins. Even with actions without registration, you must be responsible for these entertainments and, if possible, try different options for strategies, until one of them seems the most optimal. Only in this case, you can go to the cache. Ethereum slots have simple rules. Any user only needs to collect a combination of special pictures (characters), which will be considered victorious. The choice of the number of bets and lines lies with the user. There are a large number of different slots where the number of lines may vary slightly. Any game mechanics has a special “Payout Table”, which describes all the winning odds and combinations on them. All devices operate on the basis of a random number generator, which provides honesty, jackpot security and equality for all users of gaming machines. On average, the percentage of return is at the level of 96-97%, but some clubs raise it to 99%. In any case, Internet machines have undeniable advantages over ground-based ETH gaming slots;

  • Ethereum Betting - surely, a fairly large number of online ETH casino guests made bets on sports at least once in their lives. Similarly, sports betting enthusiasts tried to try their luck at roulette, blackjack or slot machines. If you want to chase two birds with one stone, and not separate betting from slots or roulette, we suggest paying attention to the ETH online casino with a bookmaker. To play them, one account and account are used, which is extremely convenient. The user quickly switches to the sports expert mode, selects an event and puts money on it. The rest of the casinos with the possibility of Ethereum Betting are no different from the same establishments if they existed separately. Many ETH gambling houses offer a variety of promotional offers, we advise you to pay attention - no deposit games, free spins, a gift from the establishment, some exceed 500% for the first replenishment. Minimally recouped funds, the opportunity to withdraw. With the right choice of the bonus program, you will have the opportunity to significantly diversify the game, thereby increasing the chances of getting a big win.


ETH Exchanges & Wallets


  1. How to get Ethereum? - Making Ethereum without an initial investment is realistic using the following methods:

  • The use of cranes. These are special sites that pay users for visiting a resource, viewing ads or following links. To have a chance for earning, just specify the e-mail address and wallet number. Depending on the resource, the frequency and size of payments may vary. As a rule, funds are credited once every 5 minutes, once every 10 minutes or in another range. This method does not require significant investments, but it takes a lot of time. At the same time, one does not have to rely on big earnings. In the best case, it is possible to get up to 3-5 dollars a month when working 8-10 hours a day. Many sites offer participation in the referral program, which allows you to increase the amount of profit at the expense of attracted users;

  • Games. Another option how to start earning Ethereum is to get coins for entertainment (games). In this case, the user is paid a reward for the game. For example, EtHero implies the creation of its own organization of miners and the extraction of coins. The better the player copes with the task, the higher his earnings. As in the case of cranes, counting on a large income is not worth it;

  • Bounty. This implies participation in the ICO, but not as an investor, but from the perspective of a regular user. The bottom line is to get money for the promotion of the project - writing advertising articles, posting in groups or forums, translating texts, correcting mistakes and so on. The income from such work depends on the complexity of the task and the activity of the user. If you wish, you can have from 200-300 dollars a month (if you perform skilled work);

  1. Ethereum Wallets - Ethereum wallet is software that interacts with the blockchain chain, allowing you to store cryptocurrency and conduct transactions with it on the network. Each transaction is charged a commission, the size of which depends on the speed of the transaction. At the same time, the convenience of conducting transactions and the reliability of the storage depend on its type. Providing an unequivocal recommendation concerning Ethereum wallet from a position that is better is a difficult task. Here, everyone focuses on the goals and features of the use of cryptocurrency. If the task is the long-term storage of virtual coins with the maximum level of security, then hardware and paper storages are the best option. In a situation where frequent cryptocurrency transactions are required, online wallet is more suitable. A universal option from a position of security and convenience are desktop storage;

  2. Ethereum Exchanges - it often happens that Ethereum → Exchange rates are much more profitable when you get to the website of a currency exchange office through ethereum gambling. If you have problems with the exchange of electronic money and its algorithm, it is recommended that you visit the FAQ section and use the understandable instructions for the service. To calculate the amount that you give or receive correctly, use “calculator online”. At your service, detailed information on reserves and courses is constantly available. If you didn’t find the rate that suits you in the rating of exchange sites, do not rush with the exchange, use the service and receive a notification about the rate favorable for you via Telegram or e-mail. If the exchangers are not shown, you can always use and find the right option for the two exchanges using transit currency. Buying ethers on exchanges is also convenient because they offer two options:

  • Quick sharing with just a few clicks. Of course, this is a suitable option when it comes to a small amount;

  • Profitable exchange for more experienced users who exchange large amounts and are interested in minimum costs and maximum profit.


Ethereum FAQ Section


What are the differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin?

The key difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin is the purpose. Bitcoin is a means of payment created as an alternative to familiar electronic money. Those who consider Ethereum to be just a currency do not understand what ether is. The system was originally developed as a multi-functional platform that supports smart contracts, applications, creating your own tokens and conducting ICOs. And the main means of payment here is broadcast, which is debited from the accounts of users paying for network services. These opportunities are of independent value, which feeds the demand for ethereum. Users are willing to pay for smart contracts that can, without intermediaries, control the execution of contracts, which increases the value of the platform. Bitcoin's price is affected by the underlying deflationary model, which assumes a limited issue of coins. This opens up prospects for cryptocurrency as an investment tool. In essence, bitcoin is only money, and ether is a complex tool that has a variety of uses. An important argument in the Bitcoin vs Ethereum dispute is the invariability of the platform. Unlike ether, bitcoin works according to the algorithm set by the creator with a predicted emission and mining method;

Is Ethereum gambling safe?

Ethereum is an excellent choice for gambling, since the decentralized structure of the blockchain guarantees the absence of any hacks, fraud or third-party interference in the management of your funds. No one can stop / cancel your transaction or hack your wallet if you somehow do not share this confidential information yourself. Many people know that bank transfers can take several days before the owner of the funds begins to control them. In the case of ethereum gambling, there is no need to wait so long. The withdrawal of funds will take only a few minutes, and your funds will be in your wallet. For example, one of the oldest Ethereum casinos called FortuneJack allows you to deposit and withdraw funds instantly. Each player wants to choose the optimal gaming environment with suitable conditions, but for this you need to know all the advantages and disadvantages of a particular system. ETH offers the most reliable and stable solution for ethereum gambling, since it has a well-known founder, a strong community of developers and great prospects for widespread recognition as a means of mutual settlements. Ethereum volatility is also minimal, unlike its competitors;

How do I deposit with Ether? 

One enter a minimum of values. Namely, the account number for debiting, the amount that you would like to withdraw, and where you would like to withdraw. A commission will be written off here, which will be additionally charged. And no additional data need to be entered. Often at various forums you can meet people who can buy Ether at prices higher than those offered by other exchangers or exchanges. On the one hand, this option encourages and seduces. After all, the main point in this case is to earn crypto money and find the most profitable course for ETH wallet. However, in this case, you should be as careful as possible. It is not uncommon in such cases to find scammers. If you decide on such a transaction (at your own peril and risk) - do not stint and hire a guarantor for the transaction. In this case, he will act as an intermediary and ensures that the buyer and seller receive what they are entitled to. And always choose the guarantor of your transaction yourself, and do not trust this business to the seller;

How is Ethereum Gambling different from Ether Gambling?

Cryptocurrency is increasingly confidently entering our lives. And an increasing number of players are starting to use it when playing in online casinos. Players have been using bitcoin for a long time, the most famous cryptocurrency, Ethereum and Ether. An increasing number of gamers are now choosing to play ethereum in online casinos. It is often more profitable to use cryptocurrency in an online casino than with regular money. Deposit and withdrawal occur very quickly, without the involvement of the state and banks. Therefore, your accounts will not be frozen.

Transaction fees are minimal. In addition, transaction security is very high. Cryptocurrency users remain anonymous, you can play Ethereum casino even in countries where gambling is prohibited and you can’t use the traditional currency there, but playing Bitcoin or Ethereum is quite possible, because It’s impossible to track where the payment was made from. The player may not provide his personal data, just enter your email address. And you can combine business with pleasure: win ethereum in a casino, instead of buying them for pretty decent traditional money;

How Many Sites Accept This Method?

Due to the popularity of the platform and electronic currency, a huge number of taps have appeared, allowing you to receive small amounts of ETH for the time spent on the site. Among them are:

  • EtherFree;

  • EthereumFaucetNet;

  • Ethereum gratis;

  • EtereumFaucet.

Do not forget that there are a lot of similar platforms - choose the best ethereum casinos. The deposit to the casino account will be a “smart” contract between the user and the virtual institution. This will significantly increase the level of trust, since every fan of excitement will have absolute confidence that the casino will not be able to keep the player’s ether against the will of the latter. There is also a solution in case someone wants to keep their game "gluttony" in black gloves. You can program a contract to limit the amount of bets or set periods of "breaks" when the system does not allow the player to enjoy ethereum gambling and place bets for, say, three hours.




One popular opinion is that if Bitcoin is to turn upside-down online banking and oblivion services like PayPal, then Ethereum’s true goal is to supplant Internet mediation. Data storage, work with complex financial instruments and much more should be carried out without the participation of third parties, and Ethereum smart contracts supposedly can help in this. Ethereum gambling is revealed from two sides. Firstly, this is the use of ETH as a game currency - due to this, a number of advantages are revealed:


  • Cryptocurrency allows you to play anonymously, so your personal information will not be disclosed to anyone, including the casino;

  • Air transfers are faster when compared with traditional methods of sending money;

  • As a rule, the payout percentages of cryptocurrency casinos are higher than in ordinary ones;

  • Your money is free from the control of financial institutions and the state;

  • Sending ETH is much cheaper than regular money, thanks to the small amount of the mining fee;

  • The game at provably fair casino is more honest - the player can check everything on his own.


And secondly, this is a way to improve the very idea of ​​ethereum gambling. The deposit to the casino wallet will be a “smart” contract between the user and the virtual institution. This will significantly increase the level of trust concerning ethereum gambling, since every fan of excitement will have absolute confidence that the casino will not be able to keep the player’s ether against the will of the latter.